Meinl DJTC1-M 桃花心木 金杯鼓10吋 (M)【非洲鼓/金杯鼓/手鼓專賣店】,小新樂器館 | SCstore 樂器購物官網,小新吉他館,創立於1999年 | 大台北實體樂器行


Meinl DJTC1-M 桃花心木 金杯鼓10吋 (M)【非洲鼓/金杯鼓/手鼓專賣店】

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TWD $7,725

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Meinl DJTC1-M 桃花心木 金杯鼓10吋 (M)【非洲鼓/金杯鼓/手鼓專賣店】
▲Carved from one piece of solid plantation grown Mahogany Wood, the Tongo Carved Djembes are designed to be preferred by the pros. These drums are fitted with hand selected cow skin heads and are carved out on the inside for remarkable sound quality and projection. The large size and a layer of rubber on the bottom come together with the traditional Mali Weave tuning system for stunning looks and outstanding musicality.
-Carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany Wood
-Hand selected cow head
-Rubber projected bottom
-Carved out on the inside for better sound
-Pre-stretched HTP nylon rope
-Rope Thickness:4mm
-Rope Runners:30
-Mahogany Wood (Swietenia macrophylla)
-Head:Hand Selected Cow
Meinl DJTC1-M 桃花心木 金杯鼓10吋 (M)【非洲鼓/金杯鼓/手鼓專賣店】
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