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Ampeg BA-115 V2 150瓦電貝斯音箱 BASS原廠公司貨【BA115】

TWD $28,600

TWD $22,000

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product details

Ampeg BA-115 V2 150瓦電貝斯音箱 BASS原廠公司貨【BA115】
Classic Ampeg tone
150 watts RMS power
15″ Ampeg Custom15™ speaker
1″ HF tweeter
Ampeg Ultra Hi/Lo tone shaping
Legacy Ampeg preamp with 3-band EQ
Bass Scrambler™ overdrive delivers SVT grind (footswitch optional)
Modern flexibility
True 60° sound reinforcement monitor angle
Dedicated XLR balanced line out
Independent effects send and return
HF mute defeats horn for a rounder, more vintage tone
-15dB input pad for active basses or additional level control
Headphone out for silent solo practice
Rugged portability
Roadworthy braced cabinet construction
Protective all-steel amp chassis
Impact-resistant black metal corners
Durable double-thick Ampeg Classic black Tolex
Lightweight, portable design
45.0 lbs / 20.4 kg
Ampeg BA-115 V2 150瓦電貝斯音箱 原廠公司貨【BA115】
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