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美國 RICO plastiCOVER 次中音 薩克斯風竹片 3.5號 Tenor Sax (5片/盒)【黑竹片】

TWD $1,270

TWD $720

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美國 RICO plastiCOVER 次中音 薩克斯風竹片  3.5號  Tenor Sax【黑竹片】

Plasticover Tenor Saxophone Reeds

Plasticover reeds feature the standard Rico cut with a plastic coating, which resists moisture and remains stable in varying weather conditions. This coating results in a bright, projecting tone and offers greater durability and lifespan. Plasticover is a favorite among jazz and pop musicians and also works well in outdoor settings. Rico's updated reed-making machinery and state-of-the-art process have made today's Plasticover reed more consistent than ever before.

  • Coated with plastic to resist changes in moisture and climate
  • Color video inspection sorts cane quality
  • Optical laser measurements ensure accuracy
  • Offered in boxes of 5
  • Available in half strengths, from 1.5 to 4.0


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