Claude Lakey Original Alto 6*3 中音吹嘴 附原廠束圈+原廠吹嘴蓋【6號/薩克斯風/Saxophone/美國製】,小新樂器館 | SCstore 樂器購物官網,小新吉他館,創立於1999年 | 大台北實體樂器行


Claude Lakey Original Alto 6*3 中音吹嘴 附原廠束圈+原廠吹嘴蓋【6號/薩克斯風/Saxophone/美國製】

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Claude Lakey Original Alto 6*3 中音吹嘴 附原廠束圈+原廠吹嘴蓋【6號/薩克斯風/Saxophone/美國製】

All of our original models are still created with the same specs and care that our founder Claude Lakey defined. Each mouthpiece is carefully handcrafted in our workshop and each have various characteristics. Each model plays differently and has differing overtone structures. “I favor the Lakey jazz alto 5*3 and I played it at a rehearsal in a municipal band and noticed how effortless it blew. And the projection was great. I seem to be relaxing my embouchure and not working so hard. Let the mouthpiece do the work. The tenor plays equally well.”
- Rich Ullman

I was using your symphony model 5* on alto until I tried your 4*3. It is just wonderful. On tenor I was using a Berg until I tried you tenor jazz 4*3 and 7*3. I’m using a Rico 3 ½ on the 7*3 and a medium hard La Voz on the 4*3. They both play very good for me.”
- Gerald Cappuccio
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All approved orders will usually ship within two days of receipt of order.

 Models (Tip Opening)

•4*3 (.075) Medium short facing. free-blowing, blends beautifully.

•4*4 (.075) Same facing and tip opening as the

•5*3 (.080) The most versatile mouthpiece for Alto. Clear, even, solid, bright sound. Great response which can be played delicately or pushed when needed.

•5_3 (.080) Easy to control. Medium facing with a medium tip opening. Clear medium bright sound.

•6*3 (.090) Medium long facing with a bigger tip opening.Used by many lead alto players or solo work. Very responsive with great projection.

•7*3 (.090) Bright, clear, centered sound that can easily be heard at the back of the auditorium. Your sound can compete with anything your GIG throws at you.

•8*3 (.095) 小新樂器館

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