Sabian 20吋 HH Viennese Cymbal 樂隊銅鈸【型號:12020】,小新樂器館 | SCstore 樂器購物官網,小新吉他館,創立於1999年 | 大台北實體樂器行


Sabian 20吋 HH Viennese Cymbal 樂隊銅鈸【型號:12020】

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TWD $27,300

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Sabian 20吋 HH Viennese Cymbal 樂隊銅鈸【型號:12020】 
▲Sabian HH Series
When Sabian was first launched in 1982, Hand Hammered (HH) cymbals were the first products they manufactured - and these were the cymbals that made drummers all over the world fall in love with Sabian. Now, Sabian have remastered these original cymbals to produce models with added complexity and tone, delivering unmatched sonic texture across the entire line. Depending on the size and model, each remastered HH cymbal is hand hammered up to 3,000 times - in some cases more.
Sabians HH cymbals are hand-hammered into shape to achieve the perfect Sabian sound. Each cymbal receives between 2,000 and 4,000 hammer blows, which results in an increase in musicality, tonal complexity and unmatched sonic texture. The HH cymbals are renowned for their dark sound, which is achieved for hammering the B20 metal design cymbal into perfect standard. These vintage style cymbals are extremely popular and praised by many musical greats.
▲The Sabian HH 20'' Viennese hand cymbals are medium weight, delivering excellent responses with fuller sounds and moderate decay. The HH cymbals are hand hammered and offer the ultimate in vintage dark sounds, each cymbal has a unique personality.
Style: Vintage
Sound: Dark
Weight: Medium
Metal: B20
Sabian 20吋 HH Viennese Cymbal 樂隊銅鈸【型號:12020】 
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