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Sabian 20吋 HH Suspended Cymbal 樂隊銅鈸【型號:12023】

TWD $17,950

TWD $13,800

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Sabian 20吋 HH Suspended Cymbal 樂隊銅鈸【型號:12023】
▲SABIAN 20" HH Suspended Cymbals are hand hammered from SABIAN B20 bronze. They are a popular choice with professional and collegiate ensembles, as well as discriminating high schools. SABIAN HH design delivers quick responses with rich, warm tone. The 20" HH Suspended Cymbal is a great choice for bands and orchestras who require a large suspended cymbal that can produce dark sound at loud volume. As a 20" cymbal, it won't be as sensitive as smaller cymbals when played at softer dynamics. They're ideal when dark sound and shimmering sustain is desired. As a series, HH Suspended Cymbals produce a dark sound that blossoms fairly soon after it's played, but not as quickly as HHX and Artisan.
-A traditional hand-hammered cymbal
-Produces dark, rich sound
-Blend with ensembles rather than cutting through
-Quality protected by SABIAN Two-Year Warranty
Sabian 20吋 HH Suspended Cymbal 樂隊銅鈸【型號:12023】 
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