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Tascam DR11CMK2 音源線配件包 適用於DR05X/DR07X/DR40X 原廠公司貨

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TWD $1,500

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Tascam DR11CMK2 音源線配件包 適用於DR05X/DR07X/DR40X 原廠公司貨
▲Accessories package suitable for use with the DR series.
The AK-DR11 series are accessory packages highly convenient for recording needs, utilizing the DR series' handy recorder.
▲Attenuator cable for optimum audio connection to camera
In this package, you will find two types of stereo cables for connection to DSLR cameras. When DR-series recorder have an independent LINE OUT, the audio signal can be transferred via normal 3.5mm stereo mini plug cable (black). If the LINE OUT and Headphone OUT are combined, the stereo attenuator cable (gray) should be used.
* Please note the optimum level for DSLR varies between manufacturers and models.
▲Splitter cable for simultaneous headphone and camera connection
Many handheld recorders use the headphone output connector when in use with a camera. In this case, your headphones are obsolete. By using the splitter cable, you will be able to use both headphones and connect to the camera.
▲Furry windscreen to reduce wind noise
When filming outdoors, even a slight breeze can be recorded by the mic and cause wind noise. Applying the furry windscreen atop your device will prevent this unwanted noise.
▲Camera shoe-mount adapter
This will allow you to mount the handheld recorder to the accessory shoe of a DSLR camera or video camera.
▲Soft Carrying Case
A conveniently portable soft case made of durable fabric.
▲Shoe mount adaptor
Screw:1/4 inch
Dimensions:27.2(W) × 31(H) × 27.2(D) mm * Φ27.2 mm
Weight:21.6 g
Stereo mini cable
Connector:1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo Mini plug
Cable length:300 mm
Weight:10.6 g
Attenuator cable
Connector:1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo Mini plug
Cable length:300 mm
Weight:10.6 g
Splitter cable
Recorder side:1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo Mini plug
Camera/Headphone sides:1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo Mini jack × 2
Cable length:150 mm
Weight:11.5 g
Portable soft case
Dimensions:245(W) × 110(H) mm
Weight:42 g
Furry windscreen Equivalent to WS-11
Dimensions:130(W) × 90(H) × 40(D) mm
Weight:21.6 g
Tascam DR11CMK2 音源線配件包 適用於DR05X/DR07X/DR40X 原廠公司貨
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