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Orange CRUSH MINI 3瓦迷你音箱/電吉他音箱 小音箱

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TWD $2,200

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Orange CRUSH MINI 3瓦迷你音箱/電吉他音箱
The Crush Mini feeds your Orange obsession anywhere in the world, at any time of day.
This mighty 3-watter is powered by a standard 9-volt pedal power supply or 9-volt battery.
So whether you're working late, warming up backstage, or jamming at home, the Orange
Crush Mini is the ultimate portable solution. Simple Gain (drive), Shape (EQ), and Volume
controls grow the familiar Yorkshire jangle to a raucous ruckus in seconds. And the iconic
orange vinyl and woven grille are sure to warm the hearts of Orange lovers everywhere.
An onboard tuner, 1/8" music input, and headphone output also make the Crush Mini a
formidable practice tool as well.
Orange CRUSH MINI 3瓦迷你音箱/電吉他音箱
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