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Orange CA039 1m喇叭線 SpeakON【100公分/CA-039】

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TWD $585

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Orange CA039 1m喇叭線 SpeakON【100公分/CA-039】
Orange Professional Speaker Cables sport clear, articulate sound, and undeniable
Orange mojo too. But the sweet looks aren't just cosmetic - Orange Professional
Cables have a specially designed, nylon woven outer sleeve that will stand up to
ridiculous amounts of abuse. In your studio, they'll let your instrument's voice sing
with dynamics and transparent tone. On stage, they'll serve up reliable performance
for years and years. With great sound and rugged construction, you know you can
count on Orange Professional Cables for your electric guitar or bass speaker cabinets.
Orange Professional Speaker Cable Features:
High-quality speaker cable for guitar and bass amplifiers
Oxygen-free copper wiring provides transparent, articulate signal transmission
Braided shielding for ultra-low noise performance, even after years of use
Specially design woven-nylon outer sleeve is like armor for your cable
Neutrik connectors for a reliable connection every time
Guaranteed for Life warranty through Orange
Orange CA039 1m喇叭線 SpeakON【100公分/CA-039】
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